There’s a much better way



For many music teachers, teaching online can be a frustrating experience. General-purpose meeting platforms fail terribly for playing music together and they lock participants into a rigid way of working that may be fine for business meetings but quickly becomes frustrating and fatiguing for music teachers and students.  

Let’s bring back the fun to teaching and learning music

We know there’s a better way. We’ve demonstrated what’s possible with our amazing syncspace performance service powered by high-fidelity audio and video that’s incredibly better than many concerts broadcast when musicians are in the same room. Most importantly, we’ve had a lot of artists and audiences smiling when using our platform.

We believe music should be fun and not frustrating. We want music teachers and music students to be smiling too so we’ve created a service that is tailored to their needs.

A fun and engaging experience powered by great sound

We’re all about creating amazing experiences and focusing on quality over quantity and it all starts with video that delivers high-fidelity, fully-duplexed audio for:

  • Natural conversation
  • Alternate playing and listening
  • Performing together in free time but with very low latency

If you need the ability to perform together in strict time, our syncspace performance service is still the best thing but our teaching service is designed to work without requiring any special software or hardware so that it’s available to more people and it’s much easier to get started. 

Minimal system requirements

  • Runs in a modern web browser on a computer or Chromebook (results with tablets and phones may be unpredictable)
  • Highly recommended: Headphones, and if possible, a decent-quality external microphone

Virtual Teaching Studio

A highly-customizable, rapidly-evolving experience

  • Support for all sizes of groups from 1:1 lessons to masterclasses or workshops with large audiences (up to 500 people)
  • Fun and engaging immersive environment using similar technology to the virtual venue used in our concert series
  • Multiple rooms supporting many different ways of working together such as:
    • 1:1 lessons
    • Small or large groups,
    • Presentations
    • Masterclasses or workshops
    • Group performance
    • Auditions with optional blind for judges and monitoring for proctors
  • Multiple cameras sent by a teacher and independently switchable by viewers
  • Audience viewing to allow parents or observers to silently view lessons while chatting privately with each other
  • Recording of audio and video
  • Access to Syncspace Hub, a virtual space where you can speak directly with us as well as meet with other teachers and professional musicians
  • New features delivered regularly (as often as daily) which you can preview in Syncspace Hub and provide feedback there before they are rolled out to your studio

Direct Connect

A quick and easy option

  • Supports groups of up to seven people
  • Super lightweight with a simple distraction-free user interface
  • Exchange audio and video, screenshare, and send messages and files
  • Options to connect with high-fidelity audio when using headphones, and low-fidelity audio without headphones

Work with us to build your dream virtual teaching studio

Our service is built by working musicians and music teachers with a ton of experience in online music performance. Our focus is always on quality over quantity which allows us to work closely with teachers to meet their needs. 

Syncspace Teach is in beta now and will launch in Q1 2022. If you’d like to join the closed beta group of professional music teachers we’re working with right now, please contact us.