The best way to teach music online

Get your virtual studio for teaching, masterclasses, meetings, and much more



An immersive experience

Your studio is a multi-room space in which you can move around and interact with other people.

Experience the excitement and engagement of the metaverse without the need for any special hardware or software.

Designed for music

Our service is built by working musicians and music teachers for music teachers.

We’re experts in across-the-Internet live performance and have applied our experience to building this service.

Great audio and video

All audio is mixed so that everyone can speak and play at the same time.

Even conversations feel incredibly natural regardless of distances between participants.

Check out all the rooms in the studio

Leveraging the power of the ohyay experience design platform, each virtual teaching studio features multiple rooms including:

  • Studio for Two for 1:1 lessons
  • Ensemble Studio for group lessons with customizable classroom layouts
  • Ensemble Studio Audience for silent observation of the Ensemble Studio
  • Town Hall Stage with Green Room for all kinds of professionally-produced events
  • Performance Hall for performances and masterclasses with separate views for audience and performers
  • Lounge for fun social events
  • Breakout Rooms with options for fun social breakout rooms and work breakout rooms
  • Soundspace fun room for exploring space with sound

Each of these rooms can be used simultaneously. For example, you can Teach in the Studio for Two while students gather for a group lesson in the Ensemble Studio, parents chat privately the Ensemble Studio Audience, and friends hang out in the Lounge. 

High-fidelity audio and video

Natural conversations and great-sounding music

  • High-fidelity, full-duplex audio with mixing of multiple sources
  • Video up to 1080p
  • Screensharing up to 4K 30 frames per second
  • Streaming audio player broadcasts your audio files directly from the server for the highest quality
  • Record sessions at the server and share links to recordings that can be streamed or downloaded
  • On-Demand Multi-Cam for broadcasting multiple cameras that each viewer can independently select

Minimal system requirements

  • Teachers require the Chrome or Edge browser running on a computer or Chromebook
  • Students require the Chrome or Edge browser running on a computer or Chromebook or Android mobile device, or Safari running on iOS (older tablets and phones may have issues)
  • Highly recommended: Headphones, and if possible, a decent-quality external microphone

Built and supported by professional musicians and music teachers

Our focus on quality over quantity allows us to work closely with teachers to meet their needs.