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How It Works

An incredible experience for artists

It’s called a “syncspace” because it’s a space where performers sync up through audio and video. This is a service built to meet the demanding needs of professional artists. In 2021 we used the platform for approximately 100 broadcasts featuring professional artists performing together across cities with almost $50,000 paid to artists for their performances.

When connected through a syncspace, an ensemble of performers can all see and hear one another. In the best cases, the delay between sending and receiving audio feels to the performers as if they are approximately six feet apart in a room with overall one-way delays of less than 10ms. This allows them to perform even very fast music together. The audio fidelity is so good that artists can hear every nuance of the music as they perform together. Video is streamed directly between each musician so that the performers can see each other and exchange visual cues.

We deliberately decouple the audio and video so that the audio, which takes less data to transmit, arrives with minimal delay. Each performer sends their audio to our servers where it is mixed. We operate an extensive worldwide network of servers and use location and network information from each musician to help us find the best location for a server for each ensemble so that latency is minimized.

Musicians can rehearse together any time they want. The subscriber of a syncspace (available on a monthly basis), or the creator of a pay-per-use syncspace (available per hour), is the only one who pays for the virtual space and there is no additional fee for others to join them. The savings in time and cost can be huge with no travel, no setup, and no teardown required to work together. Even rehearsing for in-person performances in this way is a huge benefit.

During a performance, the musicians are joined by a broadcast engineer who they can see and hear. They receive advice on sound and video and they can see the broadcast feed that’s going out to the audience so they know when they are on air. The studio receives a high-quality video stream from each artist and it’s possible for each performer to send multiple cameras for additional views. The broadcast engineer live mixes the audio and video and streams and syncs the audio and video and the final result is then live streamed out to multiple platforms, often with additional enhancements such as on-screen titling for song and artist names. Performers appearing in our concert series who are not subscribers to the platform, receive a virtual space for a month before their show so they can rehearse together whenever they need to.

We provide extensive documentation to assist with setup and tuning of audio and video as well as do-it-yourself broadcasting and we work closely with all our users with a focus on quality over quantity. Our service is built and operated by working musicians who understand the needs of professional artists.

An incredible experience for audiences

Audiences remark that the audio and video quality of our productions is better than many livestreams where musicians are in the same room together. This is a result of our efforts to maximize audio and video fidelity at every possible stage in the process. Concerts are typically streamed to multiple platforms including our virtual venue which offers the ultimate immersive viewing experience. In the venue, viewers can sit together at a table and chat to one another with high-fidelity audio and video while watching the show together.

After a performance, artists and audience can meet up. It’s a great way to make new friends and connect with old friends.

We combine all of these elements to deliver incredibly impactful virtual concert experiences like no other.