Perform. Together. Online.

The online live music performance platform created for professional artists.

Play, practice, and perform without limits across the Internet.

Broadcast live performances with support from a remote broadcast studio.

The pandemic problem

The global pandemic and the need for social distancing has created a big problem for musicians, actors, and other performing artists with a need to interact in real-time. All the usual online meeting solutions fail spectacularly when multiple people try to speak, sing, or play instruments at the same time across the Internet.

The safe solution

Syncspace.Live enables a group of performers to sync audio and video in real-time across the Internet so that they can hear and see each other in a way that can come very close to being in the same room. Performances can be broadcast with high-quality audio and video enabling live performances with everyone safely socially distanced. This is a solution built to meet the demanding needs of professional artists.

Beyond the pandemic

While Syncspace.Live was a product of the pandemic, professional artists have recognized its value for the future. The ability to perform with other artists between cities, states, and even countries, rehearse with ease (no travel, no setup, no teardown), and record studio-quality albums virtually, are all new and exciting tools in the professional musician’s toolbox.

Built and operated by working musicians for professional artists

We have a simple motto: Quality over quantity

Our entire user experience is designed for professional performing artists. While most companies want as many customers as possible, we prioritise solving problems for people and making great things happen. We love to use our platform to connect people (both artists and audiences) and make people smile.

Discover the possibilities

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One platform, many applications

While is particularly exciting for musicians and music performances, it has many exciting applications for any performing artists who rely on interacting with one another in real-time. Here are some examples:

Virtual venue with live broadcasts of live performances bringing together multiple artists separated by distance (even between cities that are hundreds of miles apart)

Virtual rehearsal space for music rehearsals with no travel time, no setup, no teardown

Virtual recording studio for recording studio-quality music by having everyone play together through a syncspace and then later multi-track editing with each musician’s locally recorded audio

Virtual teaching studio for music lessons with the ability to play together

Bigger, faster, and further than you might think

Syncspace.Live was designed for professional usage and while you don’t have to be a professional artist to use it, we’re demonstrating how to push the envelope with weekly live performances by professional musicians.

Large ensembles? Yes absolutely. How large do you want do go?

Choirs? Yes we have many choirs who are using our platform now. To help choirs and other large ensembles, our real-time video service has special features for sectional video and conductor video. If you’re a member of Choral Canada, we offer a special discount to members.

Performing really fast tempos? Yep you can do it. How fast do you want to play? We strive for single-digit, one-way overall delay times (9ms or less) which will sound like you are six to eight feet apart in the same room. Tempos of 300 bpm or faster are possible.

Performing across multiple cities? You bet it’s possible. We are demonstrating this regularly at our virtual venue with professional ensembles performing across multiple cities and sometimes even multiple countries.