Perform. Together. Online.

The only platform created specifically for professional artists.

Play, practice, and perform without limits across the Internet.

Broadcast live performances with support from a remote broadcast studio.

The pandemic problem

The global pandemic and the need for social distancing has created a big problem for musicians, actors, and other performing artists with a need to interact in real-time. As many people have found out, all the usual online meeting solutions fail spectacularly when multiple people try to speak, sing, or play instruments at the same time across the Internet. This is not surprising as these services were built for meetings and not for collaborative performers who need to exchange audio and video in real-time.

The safe solution

Syncspace.Live enables a group of performers to sync audio and video in real-time across the Internet so that they can hear and see each other in a way that can, in the best circumstances, come very close to being in the same room. Furthermore, performances can be broadcast with high-quality audio and video enabling live performances with everyone safely socially distanced. This is a solution built to meet the demanding needs of professional artists.