Broadcast your live performance to a live audience

Do it yourself or use our Virtual Broadcast Service


Sure you can just use our platform to practice together but what we’re really enabling is live performances to live audiences. To see it in action, check out videos on this site or attend a live concert at our virtual venue.

DIY Broadcasting

If you’d like to broadcast a performance on your own, you can bring the audio and video feeds from your syncspace into livestreaming software such as OBS Studio (available for free) to send your performance to the live-streaming or video meeting platform of your choice without the need for any special broadcasting equipment. We provide a full Do-It-Yourself Broadcast Guide that guides you step by step through the process.

Virtual Broadcast Service

If you’d prefer to let someone else handle the production details while you focus on performing, use our Virtual Broadcast Service and we’ll help you seriously increase the production quality of your broadcast. Find out more below.

During the pandemic, many artists have found out just how tricky it can be to deal with all the details of livestreaming while trying to perform at the same time. And let’s face it, some live performance livestreams have very poor production quality and this is a great pity as it can drag down a great artistic performance.

With our Virtual Broadcast Service we handle all the tech details so you can focus on performing. We’ll add additional audio and video elements to make your broadcast sound and look even better and bring it to the next level. You’ll get a better broadcast for your audience and a better broadcasting experience for your ensemble. To give you an idea of what the end result looks like, all events presented at our virtual venue are produced using our Virtual Broadcast Service. We can produce the same kind of broadcast at your digital destination of choice whether it’s a YouTube or Facebook livestream, Zoom meeting, or anywhere else.

Meet Your Broadcaster

We’ll assign an experienced broadcast engineer who is also a working musician to support you during your performance and help make your broadcast a success. This combination of technical knowledge and skill and musicality is one of the key ingredients in making our productions so compelling.

Planning Ahead: Well before your performance date, they’ll reach out to you to book a video call to discuss how things should look and sound for your show.

Pre-Show: On the day of your gig, they’ll join you at a scheduled time in your syncspace for a soundcheck where they’ll work with all the members of your ensemble to refine the audio mix, help resolve any technical issues, and assist with tweaking the video feed for each performer.

Show Time: During the performance they’ll bring your audio and video feeds together and stream them to the platforms of your choice. They’ll monitor audio and video throughout the performance and make adjustments as required.

Enter The Broadcast Studio

The virtual broadcast studio in a syncspace has the option to use backchannel communications just like any broadcast studio. Here’s some of the tools your broadcast engineer will utilize to help the ensemble stay aware of what’s happening even while everyone is performing and exchanging visual and aural cues with one another.

Real-time Broadcast Stream: In the video window of your syncspace you’ll see the broadcast video feed that your audience is viewing. This helps you see who and what is on air at any time.

Ensemble Talkback Audio: Your broadcast engineer can speak to the ensemble and everyone will hear it in their headphones without that audio being heard by your audience.

Performer Messaging: Your broadcast engineer can type messages to you that will appear in a big font on your video window. These messages are only visible to the individual performer they are sent to and won’t be visible in the broadcast.

Elevate Your Performance

Your broadcast engineer can add audio and visual elements to support and elevate your performance. Here are some examples:

Dynamic Composition: The broadcasted visuals can be changed during your performance to highlight different performers or to support a particular moment or song. This adds a great deal of visual variety.

Titling and Keyed Graphics: Display of high-quality keyed and animated live titles or graphics such as the names of artists or song titles.

Prerecorded Clips: Playing recorded video clips or music at scheduled times such as during breaks or before the show.

Audience Interaction: Display of selected comments submitted by your audience in a livestream chat.

Countdown Timers: On-screen countdown timers before a show begins and during a break to keep your audience informed of show timing.

With everything that we offer in our Virtual Broadcast Service, you might be think that it costs a lot. As each event is unique, we don’t have a standard price for this service but our rates are very reasonable and we’re motivated to showcase your talents powered by our platform. Our goal is that the cost for you is no more than you might typically pay for full production service and venue rental at any physical location. Contact us to find out more.