Broadcast your live performance to a live audience

Do it yourself or use our Virtual Broadcast Service


Sure you can just use our platform to practice together but what we’re really enabling is live performances to live audiences. To see it in action, check out videos on this site or attend a live concert at our virtual venue.

DIY Broadcasting

If you’d like to broadcast a performance on your own, you can bring the audio and video feeds from your syncspace into livestreaming software such as OBS Studio (available for free) to send your performance to the live-streaming or video meeting platform of your choice without the need for any special broadcasting equipment. We provide a full Do-It-Yourself Broadcast Guide that guides you step by step through the process.

Virtual Broadcast Service

If you’d prefer to let someone else handle the production details while you focus on performing, use our Virtual Broadcast Service and we’ll help you seriously increase the production quality of your broadcast.

Each of our productions is handled in our world-class broadcast studio with gigabit Internet, multiple audio and video paths for redundancy, and substantial backup power.

All of our broadcast engineers are working musicians with a deep understanding of music and a ton of experience working with professional artists. They work to enhance a performance with song and artist titling, pre-show and post-show sequences, camera switching that reflects what’s happening in the music, and more.

We can broadcast any production to multiple platforms including our virtual venue, a YouTube or Facebook livestream, a Zoom meeting, or anywhere else.

With everything that we offer in our Virtual Broadcast Service, you might be think that it costs a lot. As each event is unique, we don’t have a standard price for this service but our rates are very reasonable and we’re motivated to showcase your talents powered by our platform. Our goal is that the cost for you is no more than you might typically pay for full production service and venue rental at any physical location. Contact us to find out more.