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Had enough of terrible online experiences?

With so many people suffering through overloaded online meeting services with terrible audio and video quality and boring, rigid user experiences, it’s not surprising that expectations for online events are often very low.

Let's talk about what's really possible

Let us blow your mind with how great an online experience can be when all the right pieces are in place.

Online experiences can be special in their own way

We believe that online experiences have their own unique qualities and they can actually be better than in-person experiences in many ways.

To show what’s possible, we chose to start with something really hard by having professional jazz musicians perform together in real-time across the Internet with live broadcasts that are so good that people pay to attend the concerts.

The experience we built for performers and presenters enables them to naturally interact in real-time as they would in person. We made it possible for them to extend their networks by performing with musicians in other cities or countries despite never meeting in person, and to present performances that would otherwise be impossible or impactical due to cost or travel.

In 2021, artists performing on our platform earned over $50,000.

Great audio and video quality makes a huge difference whether it’s music or a meeting

Perhaps you don’t need to present a music performance but surely you want people to have comfortable, natural conversations online? One of the biggest complaints people have about online meeting services is the terrible low-quality, walkie-talkie audio, and highly compressed video. No wonder people get fatigued when they struggle to understand what people are saying or to read a simple screenshare.

Audiences who attend our weekly concerts often remark that the audio and video experience is better than most livestreams where the musicians are in the same room, and even often better than being in a room where poor acoustics and crowd noise may degrade the experience and they love that everyone gets the same great front-row-seat experience. Performers and presenters are thrilled with how good we make them look and sound and the live studio support they get throughout a event. 

Immersive interactions engage everyone

Not surprisingly, many people have come to detest the staid and rigid user experience of typical online meeting platforms. Spending hours each day in the same frustrating and uncomfortable online environment is no fun at all.

In contrast, we offer an incredible immersive environment virtual venue experience for audiences and event attendees that is fun and engaging yet simple to use.

Even just small interactions can put people in a different mood and frame of mind, break the monotony, and provide opportunities for spontaneous and serendipitous interactions. Connecting with people is ultimately what it’s all about.

Forget the metaverse or goggles. For our events you just need a web browser, a webcam, and headphones.

The possibillities are huge: Hang out together in a bar, sip drinks together on the beach, or discuss great ideas in a meeting space built just for you and your team.

Our track record speaks for itself. In 2021, while most of the live music industry was stagnant, we broadcast over 100 live performances that brought together professional musicians from remote locations to perform live for audiences everywhere. We shattered perceptions of what’s possible and brought joy to people everywhere.

How do we do it?

We’re all about crafting experiences but making them a reality takes a few critical ingredients.

Deep knowledge and a ton of tech

We are experts in connecting people and broadcasting over the Internet with deep knowledge of low-latency, high-fidelity audio and video, live-over-the-Internet audio and video mixing, and more, plus we have a lot of experience as event producers and performers. We operate a global computing network and a platform that exists purely to bring together performers and presenters with audiences and we oversee everything from a world-class broadcasting studio located in Canada and capable of working with people anywhere. Unlike overloaded online meeting services, our systems are dedicated solely to the event and event preparation needs of our customers.

An unwavering focus on quality over quantity

Our simple motto guides everything we do. Additionally, we move fast and don’t waste time, we’re fun to work with, and we love a challenge. Do you have an online event that connects people that you’d like to take to the next level? Talk to us about what’s possible.