Live Music Has a New Space

The game-changing platform and virtual venue for live performance across the Internet

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Attend live concerts every week with leading professional artists performing together live across the Internet between cities and across borders

Artist’s Entrance

Discover the game-changing platform that allows professional artists, large ensembles, virtual venues, studios, and more to perform together across the Internet

Our Virtual Venue is on a Mid-Year Break

We’ll have a couple of shows in August and then we’ll be back in September with a fabulous new series. We’re using this time to work on major upgrades to our platform.

The Story So Far

Since launching in January 2021

A truly unique virtual venue

Over 60 concerts including ground-breaking inter-city collaborations across distances as far as 2500 miles (4000 kilometres)

Over 65 professional artists performed and connected to audiences across the globe

Over $30,000 paid to artists

A platform that empowers artists

Broadcast to a variety of virtual venues and digital destinations

Save time and money using our service to rehearse, teach, record, and more

Gain new opportunities for collaboration by easily meeting and working together even when separated by distance

Coming Soon

In September 2021 we’re taking it to the next level

An exciting new series of concerts

More fantastic professional artists

More engaging, entertaining, and educational shows

New collaborations across even more cities and longer distances

Major updates to our platform

A new server network with hundreds of locations across the globe

Optimized server location for inter-city collaborations

Even lower latency