Joining a Jam Session at Syncspace.Live

This information is for musicians who will join a jam session at Syncspace.Live. Please do not share these details with anyone else.

The next jam is In a Jam, taking place on Friday, February 19, 2021.

Audio settings

We will be using this syncspace: and we will use Jamulus for audio. We typically use the following settings:

  • Buffer Delay: 2.67ms
  • Enable Small Network Buffers: checked
  • Audio Quality: High
  • Audio Channels: Either Mono-in/Stereo-out or Stereo, if you are sending a stereo signal

If you know what you’re doing you can also try taking the Jitter Buffers off Auto and manually moving them down to further reduce delay as long as it doesn’t lead to unwanted artifacts in your sound.

Please make sure you are connected to Ethernet and have your Wi-Fi turned off on your computer and that you have stopped all other non-essential programs.

Make sure you are not clipping into your interface or in Jamulus. You will need to reduce your gain (at the interface or somewhere earlier) if you see red lights on the interface or in the level meters in Jamulus.

Please have a way to speak clearly. If you are using a microphone for your instrument and it is not in a place where we can also hear you speak, or if you are plugging your instrument directly into your interface, you should use a (second) mic for speaking. This will allow you to chat with the band and also to the audience.

Video settings

For video, try Option 2 for higher quality. Some webcams don’t like this request for high-quality and will reduce the frame rate which is not good and will make you look you are moving in slow-mo. In that case it’s better to use Option 1.

Please try to have decent lighting and a decent positioning for your camera. Putting the camera up at about eye-level is usually right.

Options for soundcheck

Especially if you have never participated in a broadcast at before, we encourage you to join us at one of the times below to check your sound and video. There are two options for this where the house band will be available:

  1. Thursday, February 18 between 7:30 and 8 PM
  2. Friday, February 19 between 6:30 and 7 PM

If none of these work for you and you’d still like to check your sound and video with Adrian, please contact him by e-mail.

Protocol for the show

When to join the synscpace: To avoid a traffic jam with too many people at a time, please see the schedule below for when we are expecting you to join. For the time when you are not in the syncspace with us, feel free to watch the broadcast here. Just make sure you mute that audio when you’re appearing in the broadcast.

When you join with Jamulus: Any sound you make will be heard by both the audience and the band. For this reason it’s super important that you please stay silent or mute yourself until Adrian speaks out to you. As soon as Adrian sees you appear in Jamulus, he’ll mute your audio on the broadcast but the band will still hear you so please stay quiet initially.

When you join with video: As soon as Adrian sees you connect with video, you’ll be moved to a temporary “waiting room” so don’t be surprised if you initially see the rest of the band but then they disappear. When the time comes to put you on air, you’ll be moved back to the room where you can see the rest of the band.

After you’ve performed in the jam: Please exit Jamulus and close your video window. We’ll be aiming to keep the band to no more than five musicians at a time with some possibility for six. It will likely work well for guests to sit in for at least two tunes and possibly no more than four tunes but we’ll have to play it by ear.

Rough schedule for appearances by drop-in guests

  1. Scott Latham: 7:50 PM
  2. Ed Lister: 8:00 PM
  3. Peter Hum: 8:10 PM
  4. Alex Moxon: 8:20 PM
  5. Justin Duhaime: 8:30 PM
  6. Jamie Holmes: 8:40 PM
  7. Petr Cancura: ???