How to Attend a Concert

How to purchase tickets

You can purchase tickets to an upcoming event directly from that event’s page. You need to select the + symbol on the ticket quantity at least once before the “Get Tickets” button will become enabled.

When you purchase a ticket to a concert you will receive two e-mails. One will confirm that your order has been received. The other e-mail will be your ticket e-mail. You should receive these emails almost instantly after you purchase your ticket. If you do not receive the ticket e-mail, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t locate it, please contact us.

How to watch

Your ticket e-mail will contain a link to a web page that offer multiple options to watch.

For a full-screen viewing experience, watch the concert live (or watch the recording later) on YouTube. This will work on most devices including computers and mobile devices. You can also “throw” the video to your Apple TV or smart TV for the ultimate big-screen experience. For an immersive experience, use a Mac or PC computer with a webcam and headphones to watch the show in our virtual venue with friends or family where you can sit at your own table and chat with each other while watching the livestream together. The venue will open 30 minutes before the show.

We strongly recommend watching with the best possible audio setup you have. Headphones can make a huge difference if you don’t have a great speaker setup and headphones are really needed if you want to chat with people in the virtual venue. We put a huge amount of effort into achieving the highest possible audio fidelity and really want you to experience all we have to offer.

Watching live: When the live show starts, it will be broadcast live on YouTube as well as into our virtual venue.

If you join the event late: You can watch it in a delayed manner on YouTube or you can press the “LIVE” button at the bottom of the player window and skip to the live point of the stream. In the venue, you can’t rewind the stream and can only watch live – just like any in-person venue!

Once the event has passed: You can watch the recording on YouTube at the same link. You will be able to watch the replay of the concert forever. The only thing to be aware of is that after the live broadcast has completed, while you can immediately watch any part of the broadcast again, the livechat, with comments from the audience, can take as along as eight hours to reappear.

How to use the YouTube livechat

We encourage you to use the YouTube livechat during the show. The interaction we have with our audiences, not to mention the interaction they have with one another, is one of the things that makes these live events special. While you don’t need a Google account to view the show, you do need one to comment in the livechat. Click here if you need help getting a Google account.

How to tip the artists

All concert tickets are deliberately set at a very low price to make it possible for as many people as possible to attend. We know these are hard times for everyone during the pandemic. We appreciate any generosity if you decide to tip our artists. You can tip the artists (which includes the band and the crew) by visiting Tip the Artists. This link is also posted in the description of the YouTube video.

How to meetup with friends (or make new friends) at a concert

You can sit together at a table in our virtual venue and chat with friends while watching the show together. It’s an incredible experience that simulates being together at a club.

After the show, some of the musicians will often come into the visit and there’ll be an opportunity to hang out with them in one of our virtual bars. You never know who you might meet in the virtual venue!