Get Your Syncspace

Subscribe monthly or purchase hourly access for Small, Medium, and Large Studios. Read further below to learn about options for organizations, schools, and venues, and very large ensembles.

Convenience for regular users

For busy people who tend to play with the same group of musicians or people in the same geographical area.

Flexibility for regular users

For users who might play with people in many different locations and want to get the lowest possible latency each time and don’t mind creating a new syncspace as needed.

Flexibility for casual users

For ensembles that play together every now and then.





Monthly subscription

Starting at $49 CAD per month for a Small Studio (7 people)


Monthly subscription

Starting at $39 CAD per month for a Small Studio (7 people)


Pay by the hour

Starting at $7 CAD per hour for a Small Studio (7 people)


  • No per-user charges –  pay once and invite others to join you at no extra cost
  • Extensive setup and tuning documentation
  • Free subscription to Syncspace Teach Professional (usually $19 CAD/month)
  • Unlimited usage
  • Maximum 4-hour session time (unlimited sessions per month)
  • Maximum 4-hour session time
  • Always there whenever you need it
  • Create a syncspace whenever you need it (typically ready in less than 10 seconds) or schedule automatic creation for a future time
  • Fixed location with known latency
  • Create in a specific location or let our service find the best location so that everyone in the ensemble has minimal latency
  • Permanent link so you always know how to get there and how to let other people join you
  • Receive a different link each time you create a syncspace with the option to let our service email others to join you once the syncspace has been created
  • Two options for high-fidelity audio with private Jamulus and JackTrip audio servers
  • Real-time video for ultra-low latency video exchange
  • High-fidelity audio with private Jamulus audio servers
  • Real-time video for ultra-low latency video exchange
  • Do-It-Yourself Broadcast studio for broadcasting live performances with high-fidelity audio and video to numerous livestream platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Zoom, and more
  • No broadcasting capability
  • Virtual Broadcast Service available (talk to us about pricing) for performances by professional artists (we are experts in virtual live performances and run regular concerts, masterclasses, and more with professional artists across the globe)

When you place an order for an Always-On Syncspace we will reach out and discuss location.

Subscribe and get immediate access to our self-serve portal to manage your syncspaces.

Purchase and use our self-serve portal to create your syncspace at any time.

Monthly subscription

Starting at $49 CAD per month for a Small Studio (7 people)


Monthly subscription

Starting at $39 CAD per month for a Small Studio (7 people)


Pay by the hour

Starting at $7 CAD per hour for a Small Studio (7 people)


How we support professional artists

The incredible economics of performing at our virtual venue

Syncspace is built and run by working musicians to support other working musicians. Syncspace enables musicians to perform and earn income regardless of social distancing restrictions or distance between cities. It saves artists the cost and time of travel, setup, and teardown for rehearsals and performances. It also allows musicians to expand their network by easily performing with other musicians in other cities.

In 2021, we paid artists over $40,000 from tickets and tips for performing in concerts at our virtual venue. The economics of performing at our virtual venue are extremely good. In return for presenting your performance as part of our concert series, which includes working closely with you to help with setup, attending a rehearsal, preparing a promotional trailer for social media (see examples), and broadcasting your performance, we take an equal share of revenue, after deducting payment processing fees. So if there are four musicians we take 20% and you receive the other 80% to split between the ensemble. With duos, we cap our take at 25%. There’s no deposit and no minimum fee so there’s very little risk or downside and tons of potential upside. We work together and if we sell enough tickets, we can all do very well as our overhead is much lower than a traditional brick and mortar venue.

Additionally, if you are the leader of a concert at our virtual venue, you receive one free month of syncspace. If you’re already a subscriber, your monthly fee is refunded for that month. If you’re not a subscriber, we’ll provide you with a syncspace for the month leading up to your show so you can rehearse with your ensemble.

Engage us to broadcast your own concert through syncspace

If performing in our concert series doesn’t make sense, you can pay us a flat fee to professionally broadcast your performance using our platform and we discount these rates for professional artists. As each event is unique, we don’t have a standard price for this service but our rates are very reasonable and we’re motivated to showcase your talents powered by our platform. Our goal is that the cost for you is no more than you might typically pay for full production service and venue rental at any physical location. Contact us to find out more.

Organizations, schools, venues, and very large ensembles

Organizations, schools, and venues

All syncspaces available from this page are for Studio plans for individual musicians, professional artists, and teachers. These let you subscribe for a flat fee and invite whoever you want to join you, as long as you are always there with them.

For organizations, schools, and venues, we offer Virtual Venue plans that permit unattended use. Get a single syncspace and let any teacher, ensemble, section, or group use it.

Contact us for details.

Very large ensembles

You can purchase Small (7 people), Medium (15 people), and Large (30 people) syncspaces from this page. If you have an ensemble larger than this, please contact us.

Options for fully or hybrid on-location but socially distanced

Contact us for on-premise and hybrid options with people together at the same physical location but socially distanced in separate rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. If your question is not answered below, please contact us.


What happened to the Performer plan?

The Performer plan we offered with our version 1 release is effectively now the Always-On Studio. A similar offering available on our new edge computing network is the On-Demand Studio. While it offers a lot more locations, it’s not yet available in every single location where we offer Always-On service. This is constantly changing but you can check our network map to see where we are offering service.

Should I choose Always-On or On-Demand service?

Neither is necessarily better than the other. It depends on your needs. Here’s the greatest differences between the two services:

Readiness: An Always-On syncspace is always ready to go. There’s never anything else do do. With On-Demand you have to login into your account here on our website and create a syncspace. If you need it immediately, it may take a few seconds although in some locations it may possibly take a few minutes.

Server address: The server address for an Always-On syncspace is always the same. You always know where to go and what you need to share when inviting others to join you. With On-Demand, you’ll receive a different server address every time you create a syncspace. This might be an asset if you’re operating a Virtual Venue syncspace with lots of different groups and would prefer not to share the same server address with a wide variety of individuals and ensembles.

Locations: Our On-Demand service is available in many more locations but there are a few locations where Always-On is the only option. This is always changing but you can check our network map to see where we offer service. Always-On syncspaces always stay in one place. If you tend to play with the same group of people or people who are always in roughly the same area, then they’ll likely get the same latency each time. An On-Demand plan offers the option to choose a different location each time, and when you let the service choose the location based on the locations and connections of the performers, you are getting the lowest possible latency each time.

Do you offer a trial so I can try out the service?

We do offer a trial of our on-demand service. Please contact us if you would like to try this out.