Although is particularly exciting for musicians and music performances, it has many exciting applications for any performing artists who rely on interacting with one another in real-time. Possible uses include:

Virtual venue with live broadcasts of live performances bringing together multiple artists separated by distance (even between cities that are hundreds of miles apart)

Virtual teaching studio for music lessons with the ability to play together

Virtual rehearsal space for music rehearsals

Virtual recording studio to record studio-quality music by having everyone play together through syncspace and then later multi-track editing with each musician’s locally recorded audio

Virtual dance stage for dance performances with real-time interaction between dancers and musicians

Virtual theatre for theatre performances or script readings that rely on subtle nuances between actors that can only be recreated with low-latency, high-quality, full-duplex audio

Virtual guest appearances for bringing guests into livestreams for discussion or to perform together

There are many more applications. If you think you might have one we haven’t mentioned above, feel free to contact us for a discussion.