Get Syncspace Teach

Syncspace Teach is available by monthly subscription. Although Canadian dollars are shown below, we accept multiple currencies. All plans offer the same features. The only difference is the maximum number of people who can be in the virtual studio at any time.

Up to 5 people in the studio

No time limits

Up to 250 people in the studio

No time limits

Up to 500 people in the studio

No time limits




$9 CAD per month

One month free trial


$19 CAD per month

One-month free trial


$29 per month

One-month free trial


Free for Syncspace Performance subscribers

If you’re a subscriber to our performance service, you are entitled to a free Syncspace Teach Professional subscription for as long as your performance subscription is active. Find out how to take advantage of this offer by visiting your account.

Multiple studios for schools

Our school plans with fixed licensing include:

  • A free master virtual studio with a capacity for 500 people (for large events)
  • Individual virtual studios for each teacher with a capacity for 150 people
  • Free custom school branding for all studios
  • Pricing of just $9 CAD per teacher (starting at 10 teachers)
  • All subscriptions managed from a single account

Frequently asked questions

How is Syncspace Teach different to something like Zoom?

They are very different services. The main differences are as follows:

  • Designed specifically for music teachers: Syncspace Teach is designed specifically for teaching music and other performing arts online so it has specific features with this in mind. Additionally, when you deal with us, you’re talking to working musicians and teachers so we speak your language.
  • A multi-room virtual venue you visit: Syncspace Teach is an immersive multi-room virtual venue. It’s not simply a meeting service tool but a place where you move around within rooms and between rooms and where multiple things can be happening at the same time. For example, you can be teaching one student in the Studio for Two while a group of students are getting setup in the Ensemble Studio and parents are chatting in the Ensemble Studio observation room, and other people are socializing in the lounge. It delivers the excitement and engagement of the metaverse without requiring any special hardware or software.
  • Fantastic audio (and video): Syncspace Teach uses high-fidelity, full-duplex audio. This means everyone can speak and play at the same time so even conversations are more natural and you don’t get the walkie-talkie audio you get with most meeting services.
  • Runs in a browser: Syncspace Teach runs in a web browser so it doesn’t require installation or updating of any software. This means you’re always running the latest service.
What's the difference between the syncspace performance and teaching services?

They are very different services. The performance service is intended for performing and rehearsing with anyone from two musicians to even large ensembles. We’re the world leaders in online live music performance with professional musicians demonstrating the platform in our weekly concert series. You can achieve amazing things with this service but not everyone is in a position to use it due to requirements for network connectivity and audio and computing hardware. Additionally, there will always be cases where even musicians with the best setups may be located so far away from each other that the delay makes it impractical to perform together online in strict time.

Our teaching service is designed specifically for teaching music and performing arts online regardless of where people are located and features many unique features for teaching and presenting solo performances, workshops, and more. It has minimal requirements and runs in a web browser on most devices and doesn’t require specialized hardware.

Can you play music together in Syncspace Teach?

If you really want to play together in strict time and with the highest audio quality, the best option is our performance service.

As Syncspace Teach mixes everyone’s sound, it’s possible for people to play at the same time but typically not together in strict time, although this will depend on each person’s latency to the servers. For most teachers, this is actually sufficient as lessons typically involve alternate playing and listening. If everyone has a great audio setup and low-latency connections to our servers, it is possible for two people to play together almost in time. Many of our Syncspace Teach users do this with their students and it works when everyone has reasonably low latency. However the fidelity of the audio will never be as good as in our performance service.

To help deal with latency that might arise with Syncspace Teach and long distances between participants, the service has a “silence student” feature that allows students to play along with teachers in time while allowing the teacher to quickly silence and unsilence students so that the teacher doesn’t hear any delay caused by latency. When there are multiple students, this feature also silences each student to every other student so that each student only hears the teacher.