Performing at Syncspace.Live

This information is for artists performing at the virtual venue as part of the concert series produced by

What We Need From You

If we’ve booked you for a date, here’s what we need in order to get tickets on sale and start promoting your show:

Show Name and Description

A list of the musicians. We need full names and the instrument(s) they will each be playing and links to musician’s websites. We also need photos (ideally at least 1920 x 1080) of each musician.

For Friday “Eclectic Ensembles” shows we also need:

  • A one-line title for the show. Come up with something that is both engaging and descriptive.
  • A one-paragraph description of the show. Feel free to add additional paragraphs if you think they will help.

Promo (and Backup) Video

We want to create at least one promo video giving people an idea of what the show might be like. If you will be rehearsing for the show, connect with Adrian and we can record a session in syncspace and take a 60 second clip from that which we’ll post to YouTube and Facebook along with a link to the event which you can then share to your social media networks.

This video is also helpful as a backup in case there is a major technical issue during the event that prevents us from broadcasting the live performance. We can then fall back to the backup video even if it’s just for one tune.

Show Format

Performance Location

Every performance needs to take place in a syncspace. That’s where you and your fellow performers will perform and where your broadcast engineer will broadcast the performance from.

You do not need to be a subscriber to the platform to perform a gig at our virtual venue. If you don’t already have a syncspace we will provide you with a syncscape for two weeks before your performance which you can use for rehearsals and for the performance.

Streaming Location

Each show will be streamed to an unlisted stream on YouTube. We use YouTube because it has the best audio and video quality. People receive the link to the stream in their ticket e-mail. They can watch it live or they can watch it delayed or they can even watch the recording later on. We will always encourage people to watch live.

Duration and Number of Sets

At this stage let’s assume each show is a single 75-minute set. However we are experimenting with some innovative ideas for how to handle a break so a two-set show could be possible.


We open the stream fifteen minutes early so people have a chance to test their audio and video. We normally run a countdown timer during this time so that people know when the show will start and those joining during the pre-show don’t get worried that we already started.

Adrian will chit-chat with the audience and then at show time he will introduce you and then the stage is all yours. Adrian will only come back on screen again if there’s a technical problem or to announce a possible break or at the end of the show to thank you.

Usually we don’t want the artists in the pre-show so that there is more impact when you’re introduced. However if you want to participate in the pre-show let us know.


Audience Interaction

One major selling point of this format is that the audience can interact live with the artists. We encourage the audience to watch the show live and to post in the livechat and even to post questions to the musicians.

We recommend that you do not try to read the livechat during the show. Let Adrian scan it for you and if there’s anything important he’ll let you know. Usually if there’s a comment we want to highlight and discuss with the audience, Adrian will put it up on the screen for everyone to see as he announces it.

On-Screen Elements

We have the ability to throw text, graphics, or even run video clips on screen or picture-in-picture. Usually we use the titling to help with the introduction of the musicians and we can also show song titles if you want. If there’s anything else you want up there, just let us know.

We are also able to show looping video backgrounds behind the video feeds of the band. Consider this to be somewhat like lighting on stage. It can sometimes help to add something to the visuals.


At the end of the show Adrian will come on screen to say thanks to you and let people know about the next show. We’ll then run some kind of credits. Let us know if there’s anything you to show during the credits.




In the first phase of concerts (up to and including March 26, 2021) we sold tickets at $9 for a one-set show between 60 – 75 minutes in length with the option for tickets. Audiences have proven to be generous with tipping. On average, about 35% of total revenue from each show is from tips.

Moving forward (all shows booked after March 26, 2021), our standard ticket prices (still for one-set shows of between 60 and 75 minutes) will be:

  • Syncspace Sundays: $9 for either a duo or the “Third Sunday Jam Sessions”
  • Eclectic Ensembles (on Fridays): $10 for a trio, $11 for a quartet, $12 for a quintet, $13 for a sextet

We will continue to encourage tipping.

If you want to set a higher ticket price for your show, let’s talk about it.

All tickets are sold from and GST/HST is applied for Canadian residents.


Every event page will have a link to pay tips. There are no taxes for tips.


There are no hidden fees. The payout is simply the total revenue from all ticket sales after credit card processing fees and any taxes. As payment processing fees can vary depending on how people pay, we calculate fees at a flat 6%.

The venue takes an equal share of all funds based on the number of performers but this is capped at 25% for the venue. For example, if there are four musicians the venue will take a 20% share as if it were a fifth musician. If it’s a trio, the venue takes 25%. However if it’s a duo, the venue only takes 25%.

There’s no minimum and no up-front fee. For performers there’s basically no downside and tons of upside with no limit on audience capacity and a potential global audience. This means we share equally in the risk and reward. Unlike most venues there is no minimum fee and nothing for you to pay up front. This also motivates everyone to work hard at promoting an event.

Audiences can buy tickets and tip for a show for up to one week after the live broadcast after which we close down all ticket sales and tips for that show.

We will then payout as follows:

  • For duo gigs, we’ll pay both performers each from the payout.
  • For trios and larger, we’ll send the payout to the leader.