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Priced for the pandemic! We know these are tough times for everyone right now. Our goal is to offer better performance and more usable features than any other competing service and for way less than others charge when you calculate the cost per user.

How our subscription model works: You pay a monthly fee for a syncspace. Think of it as a private room into which you can invite others where you can exchange audio and video so you can perform together and even broadcast your performances. All plans are month by month and can be cancelled at any time through your account on this site.

Is it really true there is only one price per ensemble? Yes it’s true! Unlike some companies that are charging exorbitant per-user fees, with our service you pay one flat fee for your ensemble.

Can I use it with any ensemble? Our Performer, Professional Artist, and Large Ensemble plans are all attached to an individual and while anyone can join you in your syncspace, you must always be legitimately performing with them at the time. If you want a syncspace that anyone can use with no attachment to a specific individual, you need to look at our Virtual Venue Plan. The Virtual Venue plans are often used by music schools and orchestras that want a virtual space for different ensembles to rehearse or perform in.

Performer Plan

CAD $49 per month

Subscribe as an individual performer and rehearse and perform together with any ensemble

Sized for ensembles up to 7 people

Flat fee: As low as CAD $7 per person per month ($49 / 7)

Ultra-low latency audio (Jamulus or JackTrip)

Real-time video

Broadcast ready

Fully managed in the cloud for ease of use

Virtual Venue Plan

Talk to us about pricing

For organizations such as:

Virtual venues broadcasting live performances

Music schools with multiple ensembles

Sized for your specific needs

Single fee with no per-user fees

We work closely with you to ensure the best experience

Special support for broadcasters

Ultra-low latency audio (Jamulus or JackTrip)

Real-time video

Broadcast ready

Fully managed in the cloud for ease of use

Professional Artist Plan

CAD $28 per month

For qualifying full-time professional performing artists

Everything in the Performer Plan at a special price

Flat fee: As low as CAD $4 per person per month ($28 / 7)

Plus bonuses

One free ticket to every concert at our virtual venue

You pay $0 for any month you perform at our virtual venue

Gig opportunities with other musicians on nearby servers

Large Ensemble Plan

Talk to us about pricing

Subscribe as an individual performer and rehearse and perform together with larger ensembles

Sized for your specific needs

One fee for the entire ensemble (no per-user fees)

We work closely with you to ensure the best experience

Ultra-low latency audio (Jamulus or JackTrip)

Real-time video

Broadcast ready

Fully managed in the cloud for ease of use

Everything You Need

We make it possible to do some things that others claim, but often don’t deliver on, while also offering unique features you can’t find elsewhere.

Seriously Low Latency: Audio delay so small (9ms or less total one-way delay under normal ideal conditions) that it’s like being about six feet apart in the same room. You can play together at 300 beats per minute or faster. Or slower!

High-Fidelity Audio: Bit rates so high they’re three to six times more than the maximum you can send to a YouTube livestream. Hear every nuance in the ensemble as you negotiate the music together.

Real-Time VideoVideo between the ensemble that arrives fast enough that musicians can exchange visual cues in real-time.

Broadcast Studio: High-quality video for broadcasting, backchannel communication between the studio and the performers, and the kind of flexibility and control that broadcast and sound engineers can appreciate.

Managed Services: Everything runs in the cloud so you have nothing to manage. It’s always on and always up-to-date. You want to play music, not muck with tech.

Friendly Support: Super-simple online guidance to get up and running and optimally tuned. One click on your syncspace home page gets you help from a real person through livechat or e-mail.

Canadian Dollar Pricing: We’re a Canadian company so if you’re in Canada, guess what? We charge in Canadian dollars. If you’re outside of Canada and used to seeing US dollar pricing, you’ll get a nice surprise as the converted pricing will be lower than you expect.

Without Limits

You get a lot but you also don’t get a lot of things that you don’t want. Sound confusing? Read on.

No Per-User Fees: Some platforms require that every member of an ensemble that wants to play together must be a paid user of the platform. This can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per month. Quite frankly we think that’s a ripoff. We have one reasonable fee. You pay a monthly subscription for your syncspace and that’s it. You can use it with anyone you want as long as you don’t rent it out to others and are legitimately performing or teaching with anyone else you share your syncspace with.

No Artificial Limits on Audio or Video Quality: Some platforms impose artificial limits with ridiculous low-resolution video or audio to create pricing tiers. There’s no limiters on anything with our service. Performers, and the broadcast studio, get to use every feature at any supported setting.

No Bullshit: If for some reason our service won’t meet the needs of what you’re trying to do, we’ll be straight up with you and let you know what’s possible and what constraints or compromises you might face. We only want happy customers.

For Pro Artists

Our goal is to allow full-time professional performing artists to use our platform to perform and expand their income. Here’s what we offer full-time professional artists:

Professional Artist Discount: 43% discount on pricing, every month, forever.

Professional Performance Bonus: For any month you perform at our virtual venue as leader of an ensemble of at least three or more people, we waive your monthly fee entirely. Yes that’s right but it gets better. Our virtual venue, which includes our professional Virtual Broadcast Service, offers an incredible deal. It works on a simple equal risk-equal reward structure based on the number of performers. For example, if there are four musicians the venue will take a 20% share as if it were a fifth musician. For duos we even cap our take at 25% so you share 75% between two performers. There’s no minimum and no up-front fee. For performers there’s basically no downside and tons of upside with no limit on audience capacity and a potential global audience. Note that we have limited slots in our performance calendar each month so there may be months you want to play but there is no space. Additionally, the set of performances we broadcast is curated and any concert needs to align with our programming. That’s why we call this a “bonus.”

Gig Opportunities: At your request, we will share your details with other full-time professional artists planning gigs on servers in your region or nearby regions, to let them know you’re available for hire.