Performer Plan

$49 CAD(CAD dollars) / month


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About this plan: Purchase a monthly subscription to the Syncspace.Live Platform on the Performer Plan. Full details of what’s available in this plan are listed on the Subscribe page.

Region availability: Select your region from the dropdown list. Your choice of region may be subject to the Internet connectivity testing that we strongly recommend you do before putting in your order (please see below). Regions listed as “Beta” are still being tested.

Before placing your order (IMPORTANT): We strongly recommend that you visit the Get Started page to run at least the Internet connectivity test to determine your latency to one of our regions. If you have an ensemble you will play with regularly, it is very important that everyone in the group runs the Internet connectivity test. Bear in mind that in some cities there are Internet Service Providers with sub-optimal routing and this may affect your choice of region. You may also want to run the audio and connectivity tests too. The idea is that you can be very confident in your ability to make the most of the service when you get your syncspace. We want you to have the best possible experience.

Agreements: Before we can complete your order you must agree to our standard agreements. Please visit this page.

Are you a full-time professional performing artist? We are offering a special plan for qualifying full-time professional performing artists. Please check here for details and then contact us.

Order processing time: We will do our best to fulfill all orders on the day they are received. We have had a lot of request for subscriptions and will process these as quickly as we can.