Syncspace Teach for Schools

This is a special subscription to Syncspace Teach to be used by schools. You should purchase a quantity of this subscription which is equal to the number of teachers you wish to license for your school. You can purchase additional subscriptions at any time in other orders. The system will keep track of the total number of active subscriptions you have.

This subscription will include one free Enterprise subscription (with a capacity for 500 people for use with large events) which will be assigned directly to you.

You will be given a coupon code which can be used by other teachers to get access to their own studio. Each teacher studio will have a capacity for 150 people. After you have purchased this order, visit the Syncspace Teach page in your account for the coupon code and a checkout link which can be used by your teachers to use one the licenses purchased as part of your school plan.


CAD: Canadian dollar (CAN $) ^