35th Parallel Productions

How to get set up for your first time on syncspace.live

If you’ve never used syncspace.live before, we need to get you up and running. Once you have a working setup, it will be easy to connect to any syncspace thereafter.

Make sure you have all the right equipment: Go to the Get Started page to check if you have all the right equipment. You can follow instructions on that page to perform local tests to test your audio and video before trying to connect to any of the group’s syncspaces.

Connect to a syncspace: Connect to one of the group’s currently deployed syncspaces below and follow the instructions to get set up with Jamulus and video.

Get tech support: If you have trouble getting set up, contact Adrian Cho at syncspace.live (schedule a setup session or text to 613-909-7884 or email [email protected]).

Syncspaces for this group

Always come here first to check which syncspace(s) we are using for this group: Any syncspace you connected to for a previous session may no longer exist as we may occasionally deploy new syncspaces in different locations in an effort to try to reduce latency for everyone. There will be a daily maintenance window at midnight ET/EDT for 15 minutes where the set of syncspaces below may change. If you’re connected to one of these syncspaces at this time you may be disconnected.

Do not share the link to this page or links to any syncspaces with anyone outside this group: These are private virtual performance spaces just for this group.

You can join any of the group’s syncspaces at any time outside of a scheduled rehearsal to test on your own: Just be aware that you may run into another member of the group testing in there at the same time!


Washington, DC
(deployed on August 16, 2021)