Last updated: August 6, 2021

Syncspace v2 Beta

What’s coming in Syncspace v2

Syncspace.Live is currently undergoing major upgrades on both the front end (what each musician sees on their computers) and back end (the computing and networking behind the scenes) of our service.

One of the major changes for the back end is a move away from our current cloud computing network of approximately thirty directly-managed locations to an edge computing network with hundreds of worldwide locations. Here’s the current status of our compute network.

This new computing network will allow for:

  • optimum server location (minimal latency) based on network telemetry and geolocation
  • deployment of syncspaces in minutes, and sometimes even seconds; and
  • on-demand deployment and management of syncspaces by our customers.

We are aiming to deploy this and other updates in September 2021. In the meantime, we are accepting a limited number of requests for clients to take advantage of these new capabilities and help us test our new service.

Ideal candidates for this beta testing are groups of professional musicians working across multiple locations and/or working with many different ensembles.

How to participate in the v2 beta program as an ensemble leader or administrator

Equipment requirements

It is critical that every participant is well-equipped with a decent computer, broadband Internet, Ethernet connection to their Internet modem/router, an audio interface and microphone(s), and some kind of webcam. Please have them read the requirements on our Get Started page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Survey of locations and Internet connection capabilities

To help us determine optimum server placement for minimal latency, we need you to collect information from each member of your ensemble. This is currently a manual process but our goal for v2 is to eventually make this even easier with some new software we are working on. If you are acting as the leader of an ensemble, the best thing to do is to create a Google Sheet that tracks this information and share it with us with edit permissions so that we can collaborate with you. Information we need for each member of your ensemble:

  1. Location code obtained from our Location Encoder page.
  2. The following information obtained from an Internet Speedtest and ideally tested while connected to the Internet with an Ethernet cable:
    • upload bandwidth
    • download bandwidth
    • latency
    • jitter
    • the location of the server that the test connected to


Our product documentation is extensive but if this is your first time on syncspace, we’ll help you get connected in a set up session where we first connect on the phone and then quickly move to connecting thorugh syncspace video, and then audio. We’ll also set you up so you can help members of your ensemble with their setup.

If necessary, we will also help members of your ensemble with their set up.

We can usually get people connected in 15 minutes as long as they have decent equipment. The most common reason that setup will take longer is when people’s audio equipment or Ethernet connection is not functioning correctly.